About Me

Picture of me.

I'm Dana Ottaviani, a front-end developer.

I went into my undergrad as undecided. I entered college with an interest in math and signed up for a B.A. in Mathematics. One of the requirements was an intro to programming class. I enjoyed learning what coding actually entails. It led me to signing up for more courses (web development, Bioinformatics, Data Structures, please check out the full list in my LinkedIn profile if you’re interested), which gave me the idea of applying for a minor in Computer Science, but that eventually led to a B.S. in the area since both Mathematics and C.S. had some class requirement overlap.

I enjoy working in the front-end side of web development since it’s really the first thing a user sees. But I have constant curiosity in AWS, back-end, devops, I don’t want these areas to be a black box to me. I want at least a high-level understanding of these processes to expand my technical knowledge to be a more well-rounded developer.

I finally decided to get around having a clean, new site to showcase what I know so far and even a blog to document what I learn on my own.

Aside from programming, I enjoy learning about Blender and improving my drawing skills.

I have also embraced open source and constanty keep an eye out for programs and repos I can use and contribute to.

I've been awarded among Top 100 Open Source Contributors by freeCodeCamp.org in 2019.

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